I now have them. so far about a dozen images available. I am using 100% cotton shirts, mostly short sleeve unisex style, but do have some ladies cut and some long sleeve also. The short sleeve ones are $20 each for XS - XL and an extra $1 per X for larger (XXL=$22, XXXL=$23 larger by special order only) the long sleeve are $25 (plus extra for larger same as the shortsleeve) I don’t have all images in all sizes and colors at any given time - so e-mail me for what’s available in the image you want in your size. Most of the available designs are shown in the pictures, but not all, the list: Priestess of Bast (on natural or sand) Mennefer (natural and sand) Pharoah’s Treasure (light blue, pale orchid, lt gray) Cloud Cats (sky blue) Under the Influence (not in the pictures but at the top of this blog - on natural, or pale pink) Midsummers Eve (Cathenge - on pale blue, pale orchid, and a few white or others) Twilight (light winged cat - on lt gray, lt orchid) Ravenwing (black winged cat - on lite blue mostly) Showdown (cat and small dragon - on lite blue, ash, mostly) Jungle Dream (on lt blue or sky or gold) Hunting Dragons (on gold, natural or orchid) Walk Softly (on orchid or in long sleeve in lt pink or lt blue) Browncat (natural or sand - not shown - will post art soon - (abyssinian with Serenity logo changed to “BrownCoat” with the second “o” crossed out  - Firefly fans will understand) I think thats all for now…

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