I will be making some changes to my site in the next weeks, first I will be changing my payment options. Due to the insane greed of the credit card processing companies, (and you REALLY  don’t want to hear my long boring rant about that - really )  I will no longer be working with Nova, I will still be accepting credit card payments  through Paypal (and all other Paypal options) and I will be offering a new option. I work with a local craft group here in Eugene, so if you want to use your credit card and don’t want to use Paypal you will have the option to give me your phone number and best time to call, I will then run the charge through their account. This option may cause your order to take a bit longer - so I still recomend that you use the Paypal portal, but this will give those of you who don’t care to use Paypal an additional option besides mailng a check (which is still ok). Hopefully this won’t cause anyone any undue stress,   I just need to keep my (and therefore, your) costs down and an increase from about $400 a year to well over $500 a year was just too much.  The really good news is that I will be adding a “Special Order” page so that I can post new images here at the blog, and you can order them using that page, this will make my new art available to you much faster than in the past since I won’t have to wait until I have to funds available to update the site (no, I’m just not that compter saavy) . So check back here later in the month as I will be posting new images as soon as we get that page up.

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