I will make a new years rez - (a bit late typically) to post more often. I survived the holiday madness - closing down my holiday show on Dec 24 (for those not local, I set up at Eugene’s Holiday Market and show each weekend from before Thanksgiving right up thru Christmas eve - so it makes life a bit crazy - I just got back from the Portland cat show and have the Eugene cat show on March 8-9 and Norwescon Science Fiction Convention on Easter weekend up at Seatac (Seattle airport area) so besides redoing my bathroom into an Egyptian room (tomb) complete with tub as sarphagous :) I am working on two American Shorthair paintings for a local breeder and my donation to the local shelter (a painting of the cat for the winner of a raffle) and finishing up other much delayed housework and redecorating. hmmm - why is it that I thought after the holidays I would have some time off??? anyhow that’s the latest update on life in general. If you are anywhere around for either show stop in and see me.

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