October 17th, 2009

Browncatwith the second “o” crossed out, (which I should know how do do up there but don ‘t) see picture - available as a t-shirt, switchcover, check-book cover, print, and magnet…

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August 1st, 2009

I have started to list some of my shirts on e-bay - mostly because I never seem to have all sizes and colors available and updating the site isn’t that easy - so I will be listing shirts that I do have available there, at least for a while - so check them out. Here is a link to one shirt (Priestess of Bast) and from there you can click on the link for my other listings to see the rest - watch next week as I will be adding more designs/sizes etc after the weekend.


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July 14th, 2008

but life as usual has been busy, what with Saturday Market most weekends and all - (which is how new kitten came to be since the locals pretty regularly being them there to find homes) However I will be in Denver from August 6th thru the 10th for the World Science Fiction Convention “Denvention” at the Colorado Convention Center so if you are around stop in (not sure if you need a membership to get in the dealers room - but you can buy one day passes at the show and there will be a LOT of cool stuff to see and do there…)

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