March 25th, 2010

this is pretty cool news for cat people… check it out…

February 5th, 2009

I will be making some changes to my site in the next weeks, first I will be changing my payment options. Due to the insane greed of the credit card processing companies, (and you REALLY  don’t want to hear my long boring rant about that - really )  I will no longer be working with Nova, I will still be accepting credit card payments  through Paypal (and all other Paypal options) and I will be offering a new option. I work with a local craft group here in Eugene, so if you want to use your credit card and don’t want to use Paypal you will have the option to give me your phone number and best time to call, I will then run the charge through their account. This option may cause your order to take a bit longer - so I still recomend that you use the Paypal portal, but this will give those of you who don’t care to use Paypal an additional option besides mailng a check (which is still ok). Hopefully this won’t cause anyone any undue stress,   I just need to keep my (and therefore, your) costs down and an increase from about $400 a year to well over $500 a year was just too much.  The really good news is that I will be adding a “Special Order” page so that I can post new images here at the blog, and you can order them using that page, this will make my new art available to you much faster than in the past since I won’t have to wait until I have to funds available to update the site (no, I’m just not that compter saavy) . So check back here later in the month as I will be posting new images as soon as we get that page up.

April 10th, 2008

I signed up for a trial at another place - although that one is about cats - it is also a place to talk about Supernatural (the show) and cats and how cats and mystical stuff kinda fits together - it may only be there for the month - since after the month is costs to stay there - but if enough of you go there and click on the ads - it may pay for itself - or not… if you do let me know what you think the one there now looks kind neat - but by the rules I can’t click it…. here is the addy

February 9th, 2008

I will make a new years rez - (a bit late typically) to post more often. I survived the holiday madness - closing down my holiday show on Dec 24 (for those not local, I set up at Eugene’s Holiday Market and show each weekend from before Thanksgiving right up thru Christmas eve - so it makes life a bit crazy - I just got back from the Portland cat show and have the Eugene cat show on March 8-9 and Norwescon Science Fiction Convention on Easter weekend up at Seatac (Seattle airport area) so besides redoing my bathroom into an Egyptian room (tomb) complete with tub as sarphagous :) I am working on two American Shorthair paintings for a local breeder and my donation to the local shelter (a painting of the cat for the winner of a raffle) and finishing up other much delayed housework and redecorating. hmmm - why is it that I thought after the holidays I would have some time off??? anyhow that’s the latest update on life in general. If you are anywhere around for either show stop in and see me.

August 31st, 2007

between Saturday Market and more people here at the site due to the Purina Petcentric link - they had a special feature about animal artists and included me and my site. I’m still having issues getting pictures posted with my messages (can do them alone - but never can seem to get both up together) will try to add one to this just for practice. Let’s try for a Vin picture… 

July 26th, 2007

I’m still trying to figure out this thing - but she got Parnells picture up for me… hopefully I can get the next one up without help. sigh.